Cheap Web Hosting FAIL

onapp vps hostingYou know all those mainstream hosting companies you find when you search for "web hosting" on Google? Notice they all resemble eachother, and all cost around $3-6/month? These are shared hosting companies, and if you have any blood, sweat and tears to invest in your business, make sure you don't waste it on this kind of hosting, at least without a lot of research into which companies you can really count on.

I prefer to stick with VPS hosting on a cloud platform. For my smaller projects, I still use some older dedicated servers I've had for many years from a solid host. Dedicated servers can be expensive and if they crash or have a hardware failure, you have to deal with a day or even a week of downtime. So, even though I have dedicated servers hosting some of my sites, I can only recommend VPS hosting as the most cost effective, reliable solution.

BUT, even with VPS, do your due dilligence please. I got hurt really badly losing many search engine rankings for my sites in Google when a company (won't name them as I'm afraid I'll get in trouble or something) I was hosting with kept losing their storage area networks for their so called cloud. I moved on to greener pastures when I discovered that the same company I have dedicated servers with was releasing their own VPS cloud. I tried them and haven't looked back ever since.

There's a reason big organizations like Harvard use higher level web hosting that they can CONTROL and count on to perform. Using shared hosting can cost you way more in the long run. My opinion is to go with VPS.

Before you choose any hosting company, I recommend you try searching these queries in Google to learn about them:

  • [host's name] outage
  • [host's name] downtime
  • [host's name] failure
  • [host's name] crash

If you have any to add to this, please leave a comment and share your experience.

To your success,